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Vehicle wraps ramp up marketing roi

Learn How Fleet Branding Can Impact Your Business—In a Good Way

Plain and simple, a fleet without a powerful wrap is a missed opportunity. When it comes to marketing for contractors, fleet branding pays you back with a generous return on investment (ROI) that’s just waiting to be tapped into. Read on to find out how.

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The cost per impression of a vehicle wrap is much lower than other media. When you divide the cost of a wrap by the number of people who see it while driving by, you’ll find it’s a highly cost-effective method of outdoor advertising. Think of a billboard, which is immobile and temporary. It stays in the same place and reaches fewer new viewers the longer it stays up–until another ad takes its place. But if you shrank that billboard down, put some wheels on it and drove it around your service area, you’d quickly find larger audiences in more locations every day. You also wouldn’t need to worry about someone else “taking over” your ad space.

With more vehicles traveling to new places every day, fleet branding also becomes hard to ignore. Viewers can ignore a TV commercial, change the radio station, flip past an ad in a magazine and so on. When they’re out and about, they can’t help but see other vehicles sharing the road, parked along their routes or pulling up to their neighbors’ homes. A well-designed wrap will disrupt the space around it and demand attention wherever it goes, while remaining easy-to-read and easy-to-remember.

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A Well-Branded Wrap Can Improve the ROI of Your Other Marketing, Too!

Imagine this: A homeowner sees a plumbing company’s van during her commute. When she discovers a leak under the kitchen sink a week later, she begins to search online for a plumber who can fix it. Among the results, she recognizes the name of the company whose truck wrap caught her eye. When she clicks the link, it’s not just another generic plumbing website. Instead, the site has integrated the same welcoming, reassuring and professional brand that adorned the van she saw just days prior. She uses the live chat feature to request an appointment and a new customer relationship is born.

Better brand awareness passively improves click-through and conversion rates so that digital marketing spend generates more revenue.

The same effect can be true for other forms of media: When you see a vehicle wrap, that company’s TV or radio commercial or print advertisement is more likely to get your attention and inspire you to choose that company.

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Every impression counts – don’t miss your chance

Once you realize the sheer power these impressions and opportunities can hold for your company, it’s vital to ensure you’re not wasting them with a poorly-designed wrap advertising a forgettable brand. There’s a reason we feel so strongly about this type of branding—because it works!

If you still need convincing, take a look at our gallery to begin visualizing your fleet’s potential. Your rebrand could yield tremendous revenue growth!

We’d love to start your brand adventure